Welcome to Gary’s Barbershop

Gary’s Barbershop isn’t another box store and it isn’t another franchise. What is it? A good old-fashioned barbershop ready to provide you with the best haircut and shave you have ever had in your life. We have time for perfect precision so you are happy when you leave. We’d much rather end our day with you with a “see you later” instead of simply “good-bye”.

When you come to Gary’s you will find yourself amidst relaxation accompanied by entertainment. We have an area for children that includes an Xbox station. Each barber station has a television for your own enjoyment. Don’t feel like TV? No problem, there is also complimentary Wi-Fi. If electronics aren’t your thing, Gary’s Barbershop has a wide array of magazines as well. In our relaxing atmosphere, you will find yourself without thirst as you receive a complimentary cold beverage.

Enough about our entertainment. You wanted a haircut, right? Well, for your newest family member on their first haircut ever we offer First Haircut Certificates. Bad haircut? Gary’s can fix that! You say you don’t need a full cut, just maybe a bit off the sides for a special occasion? We offer complimentary neck shaves inbetween services.

Every haircut at Gary’s Barbershop comes with a hot lather straight- razor neck shave, hot towel, and vibrator massage. Other services are available, just ask us!

Gary’s Barbershop specializes in good old-fashioned haircuts all the way through the latest styles and contemporary cuts.

Your self-image and your skin-health are important to those of us at Gary’s Barbershop. There is nothing more important to us to have you happy, satisfied, well-groomed and refreshed.

Walk-ins Welcome!

Never Look For Another Barbershop Again!