Our Products

In order to give our customers the best possible experience they can receive, we stock our Shop with products whose ingredients are sure to meet your every need. We carry different brands that make you skin shimmer and shine, make your body relax and products that help make that perfect you that you have in your mind come alive!


Suavecito Pomade made itself a mark in the annuals of beauty by aiming for and conquering the stagnate grooming product industry and unleashed upon the consumer a culture that spoke to the world of the custom cars and tattoos. All their grooming products are water-soluble but have the strength behind them to hold like a wax. For shaves, a product line that allows you to get a close, tight shave is offered.


Redken grew from the frustration of trying to find hair product that wouldn’t cause allergic reactions in people and wouldn’t damage baby-fine hair. The company meticulously researched ingredients with dermatologists and hairdressers alike to come up with the perfect ingredients for a specialized product line. The Redken line is able to attack any problems you may have spot on by giving you the most comfortable, precise cut you’ll ever have.


Jack Black is created with the use of real ingredients including plant extracts and botanicals that will help keep your scalp and hair vitalized. Their formulas have been created with you in mind. They are lightweight, never greasy, fragrance-free, dermatologist tested and no animals are ever used in any testing. Effective and allergy free, this may be for you!


American Crew finds itself a pioneer in the men’s hairstyle industry. They have made the commitment over the years to get the men in to get that sought-after salon-style look that Gary’s Barbershop is ready to give you. This type of style wasn’t just for the women thought American Crew. The company is always growing in its way to handle men’s styles so that you don’t have to go home with just another ordinary haircut.


For nearly four decades, Parker Safety Razor has been the gold standard for fine grooming supplies. Parker Safety Razor products are hand crafted and undergo extensive engineering and quality testing. Parker Safety Razor has been offering shaving tools since 1973 with the mission to provide the closest and most comfortable shave possible.


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